Friday, February 18, 2011

Beef Fajitas

Ok so last night we made fajitas

We took a flank steak (way over priced for the cut of meat) about 6 bucks a pound
Marinated it overnight in olive oil, cilantro, lime juice, and chipotle peppers mixed up in a blender.  (I just kind of eyeballed it didn't measure)  Next time will need a food processor because the chipotle peppers didn't really blend in.
Then put the whole flank steak on the grill for 5 minutes a side (not long enough) had high heat but didn't even come close to cooking it through.  Paige of course yelled about the pink content of my meat so I cut it up and then cooked it on the stove for a few more minutes.  Cut up bell peppers and onions and fry them in some olive oil. then put in some tortillas (shredded cheese, sour cream, hot sauce etc.)  I also put some garlic salt on mine because they lacked a little flavour.  But they were very good and the kids loved them except for Jenna who refuses to eat meat (a vegan at 4, got to be kidding me.......must get that from Paige's side of the family)

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